knowledge slap (July 9, 2012)

It may just be me, (in fact I’m pretty certain it is) but I think it’s really interesting to see what historical events took place from week to week. It kind of makes the world seem a little smaller.

This week is a good one. In addition to the below Slaps, Howard Hughs flew around the world in 91 hours and Babe Ruth debuted as a pitcher. Plus, Tuesday is both Nikola Tesla’s and Jessica Simpson’s birthday.

Here’s some more Slap fodder:

  • Tuesday – Vacuum cleaner invented – 152nd anniversary (1 gold coin)
  • Wednesday – Aaron Burr mortally wounds Alexander Hamilton in a duel – 208th anniversary (2 gold coins)
  • Friday – Hollywood Sign is dedicated – 89th anniversary (3 gold coins)

Slap away!


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