sneaky post.

Hi there. Thanks for coming. I didn’t advertise this post on Facebook or Twitter just to see who happens upon it without me promoting it shamelessly. If you are the first to Tweet @thegoldcouch with the correct ‘pen name’ I used recently, you’ll get a $28 value gift certificate to Bradley Vineyards (ever heard of ’em?). If you are my family… um, I don’t know what I’ll do. Maybe write you a letter or something? Oh who am I kidding? No one in in my family uses Twitter…

Also though, I’m trying something new these days, and I think you should join me. I planted a few B-list celebrity photos within the contact list on my phone and changed the contact’s name to that celebrity’s. For example, my friend Peter is now listed as Cynthia Nixon (left).

The obvious goal is to have my phone sitting in a public place when Peter (I mean Cynthia) happens to call. It probably won’t ever work, but I’ll consider it a success the day someone says, “How the hell does Tyler know Cynthia Nixon?”

So yeah, that’s what I do in my spare time.



2 thoughts on “sneaky post.

  1. You know what would really sell it is photoshopping yourself into the picture with said celebrity. With the size of the pic on the phone it wouldn’t be that hard to make it look convincing.

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